Bhargavi Pagadala


  • Bhargavi Pagadala
  • Trustee
  • Bhargavi is a Founder of a US based Technology Company BeetleRim Technologies in Hyderabad.

    She has around 25+ years of experience in building technology solutions. She helped many US based companies in architecting Business Intelligence data models. She has a stronger sense of vision and co-founded start-up products and led technology teams in developing the products.

    Bhargavi is a very kind hearted and emotional person dedicated her life to career and family. She is a mother of 2 wonderful kids Sindhu and Saranga. She is good at thinking practically and prioritizing right things. She is the right example to say mothers are just better entrepreneurs. She can get a lot done at a little time. She knows how to carve out focus time for her family and get a lot done in those cherished hours. She always motivates her team and a great inspiration for many of her team members.