Our Vision


A mudra (hand gesture) from the Indian Classical Dance forms depicts the opening of a blossom. As a blossom unfolds to reveal the beauty hidden with-in its petals so also we can experience spiritual unfoldment to reveal the pure divine "Self" within – by Swami Chinmayananda.

It is our strong belief, the life’s journey of a Dance Performer in Indian Classical forms to attain certain expertise requires a lifetime dedication and utmost devotion to understand the roots of Indian culture, traditions and mythology. It’s a pathway of Self-Unfoldment and Spiritual Enlightenment; in a way, it requires deep rooted passion and perseverance beyond one’s comprehension.

As a Managing Committee of "AMRITA CULTURAL TRUST", a non-profit organisation based out of Hyderabad; our primary objective is to help smoothen this life’s voyage of a "Dance Performer". Some of the goals of the Trust are envisaged as

  • Reinforce Old and Vanishing Dance Traditions
  • Provide a Technology Stage to Promote the Artists; Academies
  • Scholarships for select talented artists who pursue Dance as a Profession
  • Explore Mythology and Spirituality through Dance
  • Initiate an Annual tradition "NATYA THORANAM" – Hyderabad Cultural Dance Festival
  • Conduct Monthly/Quarterly awareness workshops to inspire the young talent

We also envision an annual tradition to conduct "Hyderabad Classical Dance Festival" which could be a 2-3 day program to bring various classical dance formats from Pan-India basis onto one stage. Our inaugural event "NATYA THORANAM – 2021" is precisely our effort to transform this vision into execution.

We certainly anticipate that our efforts will enhance awareness and visibility of our performers and also motivate our audience, viewers, readers and passionate enthusiasts to come forward and join our cause in any form they can contribute to the growth and wider adoption of the Indian Classical Dance Arts.

Vision Speech by Rajesh Pagadala