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    This will be a 4-5 hours collage of all the 6 Indian classics dance styles of Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Kathak and Perini, performing live on one stage. Be braced for a colourful and mesmerising evening for you and the family.

    Please make time to attend this event. Please send me a RSVP at your convenience to make necessary arrangements.


    Taramati Baradari Resort,
    Ramdev Guda, Ibrahim Bagh,
    Hyderabad, Telangana 500031.

    Date & Time

    Saturday, 28th October 2023
    4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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    Kuchipudi by Surendra Nadh Group, Hyderabad

    • Ganesha Stuthi - 10 min
      Stuthi means ‘to praise’ and to enumerate the characteristics of the deity and to ask for blessings. Chant Ganesh Stuthi before starting any work will keep you away from all the hurdles and makes your life healthy, wealthy, and prosperous. It’s a Prayer to the God of Good Beginnings. The lyrics of this Ganesha Stuthi is written and composed by Guru Sri. DSV Sastry garu. Choreographed by Sri. M Surendra nadh.

    Odissi by Debasish Pattnaik Group, Bangalore

    • Krishnastakam - 10 min
      In this glorious ashtakam, lord Krishna is praised for his beauty, charm, and divinity. Through this dance, we offer our respectful obeisances to the hero Lord Krishna, whose smiling glance is charming, who dries up all faults and makes all worlds prosper. We pray that whenever and however we sing his glories, Lord Krishna will be merciful to us. The music is by Sri. Sukant Kumar Kundu, Rhythm by Guru Sri. Dhaneshwar Swain, originally choreographed by Guru Sri. Durga Charan Ranbir and re-choreographed by Guru Sri. Debasish Pattnaik.
  • Kathak by Mysore B. Nagaraj Group, Bangalore

    • Trishakthi - Obeisance to Devi - 10 min
      The festive season of Sharannavarathri is just concluded but the euphoria does not cease to celebrate, and we do that through a dedicated dance number in obeisance to Devi Maha Shakthi, the primordial energy manifesting in three dimensions as Maha Saraswathi whose energy is Gnana Shakthi, as Maha Lakshmi being the Iccha Shakthi and as Maha Kali as Kriya Shakthi. From this source, every endeavour begins in thought and grows into intense desire until we physically act upon it that precipitates into fruitful result. Selected verses from Devi Mahatmyam are performed in Raga Malika and Taala Malika. Choreographed by Karnataka Kalashree. Mysore B Nagaraj, Music by Pt Shankar Shanbhogue.

    Mohiniyattam by Kalamandalam Sangeetha Group, Kerala

    • Keerthanam (Ksheerasagara Sayana) - 10 min
      This is an item in praise of Lord Sri Padmanabha who reclines on top of Ananta Naga in Palazhi. This dance form depicts Lord Vishnu who saved Gajendra, saved Draupadi from Vastrakshepa and crossed the ocean to save Sita from Ravana. This devotional hymn to Lord Vishnu is composed by Thyagarajaswamy, in Devaganthari Raga and Adi thala.

    Perini by Shri Kala Krishna Group, Hyderabad

    • Perini Praveshamu - 10 min
      Perini dance form invokes ‘Prerana’ (inspiration) and is dedicated to Supreme dancer, Lord Shiva. The dancers enter the stage holding a chamaramu, an artificial snake and a dandamu. Pure nrittam is performed in this dance piece known as Perini Praveshamu.

    Bharatanatyam by Ananda Shankar Group, Hyderabad

    • Dashavataram - 10 min
      Jayadeva, the author of Gita Govindam, has composed movingly on the divine love between Radha and Krishna in the forests of Brindavan. As a prelude and a prayer, he pays obeisance to Sri Krishna and describes the Dashavatara or the ten incarnations of Vishnu and Keshava: Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Balarama, Buddha, and Kalki. Intricate Jathi patterns set to swara notations, and sanchari abhinaya for the sanskrit sloka passages set to various ragas, together portray the Rasas and bring out the divine Bhakti of the Saint Poet Jayadeva. Set to ragamalika and kanda chapu, the music has been composed by Mrs. Prema Ramamurthy.

    Jugalbandhi - All Teams

    • Jugalbandhi - 6 min
      This jugalbandi is composed and choreographed on the basis of Nritta. Nritta corresponds to pure dance steps performed rhythmically. Here the movements of the body do not convey any mood or meaning and its purpose is just creating beauty by making various patterns and lines in space and time. This particular piece is a combination of Indian classical dance forms of Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Odissi.

    -: Founder’s Message, Guest & Patron Felicitations :-

    Perini by Shri Kalakrishna Group, Hyderabad

    • Mela Prapthi - 10 min
      In this Perini module, male dancers perform the Melaprapti, Tahana Vinyasam, Yati Vinyasam, Prithvi Linga Jathi and as the conclusion both male and female dancers perform a Sabdapallavi. All the items are purely nritta oriented and are set in Talamalika.

    Kuchipudi by Surendra Nadh Group, Hyderabad

    • Tarangam - 15 min
      The word 'Tarangam' translates to 'waves', therefore the movements presented in a tarangam are reflective of the movement of waves of an ocean. Tarangams are presented to songs written by Narayana Theertha from his ‘Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini’. This encompasses the stories and life of Lord Krishna, from his childhood, to all his pranks, to his marriage to Rukmini. The music of this tharangam is composed by Sri. DSV sastry garu. Choreographed by M Surendra Nadh.

    Odissi by Debasish Pattnaik Group, Bangalore

    • Radha Rani (Abhinaya) - 10 min
      Abhinaya is the demonstration of pure emotion contained in a song or lyric. This is one of the most important items of Odissi in which the performer interprets the song in movements which becomes a poem-in-action. Mostly, these romantic compositions are set in a slow tempo and the dancer gets full scope to depict the emotion by gestures, glances, and softer movements to bring home to the audiences the full meaning of the composition. The dancer while portraying the bhava brings out the myriad nuances of the Nayaka-Nayika concept of Hindus erotic psychology. The songs used in this item deal with devotion or Bhakti Rasa. Here's presenting the Odia Abhinaya - Radha Rani Sange Naache Murali pani.

    Kathak by Mysore B. Nagaraj Group, Bangalore

    • Drupad an ode to Shiva - 10 min
      This is an ode to the cosmic dancer, Lord Shiva through a composition in Ek-Taal Phalanetra Hara Pinaki. The music here is in the Drupad Tradition that was prevalent before the Khayal style has evolved in Hindustani Music. Sung by Pt Shankar Shanbhogue and original choreography is by Guru Smt. Maya Rao. The traditional composition threads the various names of the lord, giving a glimpse into the power and divinity of Lord Shiva.

    Mohiniyattam by Kalamandalam Sangeetha Group, Kerala

    • Harivarasanam - Ayyappa Sthuti - 10 min
      Glorifying Sri Dharma Shasta, the son of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, this dance narrates the story of Sri Dharma Shasta from his birth to his sojourn on the Sabari Hill as a vinyasa, in Madhyamavathi Raga and Adi Thala.

    Odissi by Debasish Pattnaik Group, Bangalore

    • Mokhya - 5 min
      Mokhya depicts the merging of a dancer’s soul with the divine. In this traditional Odissi repertoire, the dancer seeks salvation at the feet of the almighty, in fast tempo depicting the dancer’s ecstasy. The music is by Guru Rama Hari Das, rhythm by Guru Dhaneshwar Swain. This item was choreographed by late Guru Dr. Debaprasad Das and directed by Guru Sri. Debasish Pattnaik.

    Perini by Shri Kalakrishna Group, Hyderabad

    • Shiva Song - 5 min
      This dance piece is Bhavani Kautam in praise of the Goddess. She is depicted as the one who kills Mahishasura. Set in Bhairavi ragam and Adi talam.

    Kuchipudi by Surendra Nadh Group, Hyderabad

    • Ananda Thandavam - 10 min
      Tandava, the divine dance performed by Lord Shiva gets its name from Tandu (taṇḍu), the attendant of Shiva. Tandu instructed Bharata (the author of the Natya Shastra) on the use of Angaharas and Karanas. According to the composition of C Narayana Reddy Garu, during the dance, Lord Vishnu plays the Mrudangam, Lord Brahma does the Nattuvangam, apsaras sing, and all the other pramadha ganas dance. This mesmerising dance by Lord Shiva out of bliss was choreographed by Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinnasatyam.

    Bharatanatyam by Ananda Shankar Group, Hyderabad

    • Thillana - 10 min
      A composition of Sri. Sattiraju Venumadhav, this Thillana comprises of intricate jathi patterns, set to complex musical score and is punctuated by graceful and statuesque postures.

    -: 8:00 PM :-

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