Live performance show. Kuchipudi, Bharathanatyam, Mohinithyam, Odissi, Kathak & Andhra Natyam...

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    This will be a 4-5 hours collage of all the 6 Indian classics dance styles of Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Kathak and Andhra Natyam, performing live on one stage. Be braced for a colourful and mesmerising evening for you and the family.

    Please make time to attend this event. Please send me a RSVP at your convenience to make necessary arrangements.


    Taramati Baradari Resort,
    Ramdev Guda, Ibrahim Bagh,
    Hyderabad, Telangana 500031.

    Date & Time

    Saturday, 26th November 2022
    6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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    Kuchipudi by Surendra Nadh Group, Hyderabad

    • Ganesh Prardhana (Keerthintu Nartana Ganapathy) - 10 min
      This performance praises the dancing Ganesha. With a full form and the colour of thin, fresh smoke, you are the hunter of obstacles and bridge over rough waters, O Ganapathy! Shining with the brightness of fresh turmeric and riding the mouse, please give us the alms of happiness with your four arms, you are the son of Gowri and Siva. O elephant faced God, you are the one we seek blessings from, to begin our endeavours. Written by Sri Dandibottula Narayana Murthy and composed by Sri D.S.V.Sastry, this piece is choreographed by Guru M.Surendra Nadh.

    Bharatanatyam by Abhayakaram Krishnan Group, Puducherry

    • Varugave - 10 min
      We begin the performance with an invocation to the lord, warm welcome to the audience comprising elders and respectable scholars and prayers to the stage; for the success of the performance. The verses reflect our heritage of Tamil culture and rich classical music. Varugave Varugave…Ragam: Sivaranjani, Adi Thalam. Composed by Dr.Preetha Prabhudoss.
  • Odissi by Madhulita Mohapatra Group, Bangalore

    • Shivam Dhimahi - 10 min
      This is a dance tribute to Nataraja, the Lord of dance. Shiva is the dispeller & destroyer of doubts & difficulties. His matted locks hold river Ganga and he wears the moon crescent on his head. To save the world, he swallows poison turning his throat blue. He, who rules the entire universe, with his celestial dance of tandava annihilates everything into nothingness. Music is set to raga-Ragamalika & tala-Talamalika and has been composed by Shri Sukanta Kundu. Rhythm composition is by Guru Dhaneswar Swain. Script inputs by Pandit Nityananda Mishra. Dance choreography is by Madhulita Mohapatra.

    Andhranatyam by Shri Kala Krishna Group, Hyderabad

    • Kumbhaharathi, Pushpanjali - 10 min
      As an invocatory dance piece, we shall begin by the ritual offering of Kumbhaharathi and Pushpanjali, followed by Indra gadya. Set in Devagandhari ragam, Jathi in Sama talam and gadya in Misrachapu talam. Followed by Swarajathi, in praise of Amba who is invoked with the names of various Carnatic Ragas, Kumbhaharathi and Pushpanjali in Kalyani ragam. Swarajathi in Dharmavathi ragam and Adi talam. Choreography by Guru Kalakrishna garu.

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    Jugalbandhi - All Teams

    • Jugalbandhi - 6 min
      This jugalbandi is composed and choreographed on the basis of Nritta. Nritta corresponds to pure dance steps performed rhythmically. Here the movements of the body do not convey any mood or meaning and its purpose is just creating beauty by making various patterns, lines in space and time. This particular piece is a combination of five Indian classical dance forms which include Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Odissi.

    Kuchipudi by Bhargavi Pagadala, Hyderabad

    • Shankara Srigiri - 10 min
      This item is in the praise of Lord Nataraja. In the Citrasabha, Lord Sankara-the god of mountain is dancing. With the holy ash and third eye on the forehead, the garland of Rudraksha adorning the neck, he dances along with Bhrngi and other Bhuta Gana-s. The celestials and ascetics appear on the sky, playing the instruments with the sound of TANANA-TANANA and GHUM-GHUM'. Even the crores of Cupids feel ashamed witnessing Siva dancing beautifully to DHRIKUTA DHIM-DHIRNNA BHAJE. With the perfect melody and Laya, he dwells in the heart of Lord Padmanabha. Ragam Hamsanandi and Adi thalam.

    Kathak by Sanjay Kumar Joshi Group, Hyderabad

    • Kalika Stavan - 12 min
      "Kalika Stavan" written by saint Tulsidas Ji, set to music in Dhrupad format, the oldest form of Indian classical music. This item is set to Raag Durga and Taal Chautal of 12 beats. Original choreography by Padmashri. Dr. Puru Dadheech of Indore and re-choreographed by Sri. Sanjay Kumar Joshi.

    Bharatanatyam by Geetha Ganesan Group, Hyderabad

    • Bho Shambho - 15 min
      Geetha Ganesan and team will be performing BHO SHAMBHO SHIVA SHAMBHO SWAYAMBHO - a very popular and vibrant number in praise of Lord Shiva, written by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. This describes Lord Shiva as the Omnipresent One; the One bearing the River Ganga on his head; the One who is eternal and compassionate; the One who helps the devotees cross the Bhavasaagaras; the One who is imperishable, who is the Parabrahma swaroopa; the One who performs the celestial dance of joy as Lord Nataraja. As part of the choreography, the Ganga avataranam episode and also Shiva-Parvati dancing as Ardhanareeswara will be performed in Raga Revathi – Adi Talam - a composition of Swami Dayananda Saraswati - Choreographed by Geetha Ganesan.

    Mohiniyattam by Kalamandalam Sangeetha Group, Kerala

    • Keerthanam (Sreeman Narayana) - 13 min
      Sreeman Narayana is a keerthana by Annamacharya, describing the divine appearence and great qualities of the Super Soul lord "Maha Vishnu" and surrendering to Him.In this item the famous story Gajendra Moksha and the fourth avathara of lord Maha Vishnu 'Narasimha' also are narrated. Ragam-Bauli, Thalam-Aadi.

    Kuchipudi by Surendra Nadh Group, Hyderabad

    • Sapta Matrika - 15 min
      The Sapta Matrikas or the seven divine mothers, representing the saktis, the energies of the important familiar deities are Brahmani (Saraswati) Mahesvari (Raudani) Kaumari (Kartikeyani) Vaishnavi (Lakshmi) Varahi, Indrani and Chamunda (Chamundi). This item ends with the fight between Mahishasura and Durga. Ragam Ragamalika and Adi talam. Written by Sri.Uma Maheshwara Patrudu, Music- Sri.D.S.V.Sastry, Choreographed by Guru M.Surendra Nadh.

    Andhranatyam by Shri Kala Krishna Group, Hyderabad

    • Sandhyasamayam (Vishnu Kaivaram) - 10 min
      Kaivaram is a song in praise of a particular deity to which Nrityabhinayam is performed. Rasakreedalu of Krishna and Radha are depicted in this particular Vishnu kaivaram which is written in dedication to the Kunthimadhavaswamy. Set in Sama ragam and Adi talam. We shall conclude our Andhranatyam recital with a padyam describing Lord Krishna, set in Madhyamavathi ragam. Choreography by Guru Kalakrishna garu.

    Kathak by Sanjay Kumar Joshi Group, Hyderabad

    • Tarana - 10 min
      Tarana is in Raag Malkauns and Teen Taal. A classical piece that showcases the graceful movements, beautiful rhythms of Kathak, and music that has traditionally accompanied the dance form. This Tarana is performed to Bageshree Vaze’s Jogkauns Tarana from the album, Ragas and Rhythms. The recital features classic Kathak elements of intricate footwork set to rhythmic patterns, 'Tukdas','Tihais' and the famed Kathak ‘Chakkars’ or spins set to different tempos. Choreographed by Padmashree Dr.Puru Dadheech, re-choreographed by Sri Sanjay Kumar Joshi.

    Mohiniyattam by Kalamandalam Sangeetha Group, Kerala

    • Karukare Kaarmukil - 12 min
      Karukare Kaarmukil is a poem about Rain written by the famous poet Kavalam Narayana Panicker. He worships the rain which arrives on the darkest cloud resembling the tusker elephant god. Changes in the nature and animals while raining are described in this item. Ragam-Samantha malahari, Thalam- Chathurasha ekam.

    Odissi by Madhulita Mohapatra Group, Bangalore

    • Hari Smarane Mado - 15 min
      This dance item is in praise of Lord Vishnu and is based on popular Devarnama, Hari Smarane Mado Niranthara by Shri Purandara Dasa - constantly meditate on Hari to get salvation. Here, the dancers enact popular stories like Gajendra Moksham, saving Prahalad from the clutches of wild elephants, fire and snakes, coming out at the end in the form of Narasimha avatar and ripping the belly of the evil asura, Hiranyakashyap, saving Draupadi’s honour by giving endless garments when her honour is threatened in Kuru sabha. Music is set to raga - Ragamalika & tala - Ektali and is composed by Guru Bijay Kumar Jena. Dance choreography is by Madhulita Mohapatra.

    Bharatanatyam by Abhayakaram Krishnan Group, Puducherry

    • Shiva Navarasam - 23 min
      The lord of destruction, the seed of dance. Lord natararaja has performed numerous leelas which capsulates the navarasas of Bharathantyam. This composition, Shiva Navarasam, which brings out the ecstatic beauty of Navarasas from Lord Shiva's life.

    -: 9:30 PM :-

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